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Description: SVF13N17PXS

Convertible laptops seem to be gaining some traction among the masses. Sony's VAIO Flip PCs are the latest innovation. If you're looking for a machine in this form factor that's ultraportable in design and that's good in performance, consider the VAIO SVF13N17PXS. It's one of the best out right now.

If you're looking at the SVF13N17PXS right now the first thought that comes to mind must be the question of how does it work. The design resembles what we've seen in Dell's XPS 12, but it's better. Instead of flipping we have folding, and rather than have the display rotating around a flimsy frame for a lid, it has a durable set of rubber hinges that allow the laptop lid to fold in half.

Putting all this into action is quite easy and quick. Unlock the latch that holds the lid and display in the position that we typically see when we use a clamshell laptop. Lift the bottom of the display out and up. The top half of the lid will start to fold back until it rests against the backside of the bottom half of the laptop lid.

When this motion is complete, the display faces away from the keyboard and is in what Sony calls the viewer mode. This mode is to be used when giving presentations. It's ideal because all the audience sees is the display. The keyboard is hidden away. You can still access your files through touch computing.

The viewer mode changes into tablet mode quite easily. Just push the display down until it rests against the keyboard. Now it's almost like you have a slate tablet. Carry it in hand wherever you go. Use it like a normal tablet. The good thing about this particular tablet design is that the keyboard is covered. One of the leading convertible laptop designs is the one found on Lenovo's IdeaPad Yogas. It's a good design, but the biggest gripe people have is that the keyboard is exposed. Putting the IdeaPad Yoga down on a table when in tablet mode means that its keyboard sits on the table's surface. How unnerving and unsettling this can be to have parts of your laptop unprotected from the elements.

All around the VAIO Flip is a good machine. You can get it in a variety of display sizes, which bodes well for selection. Choose from 13.3", 14" and 15.6" screens, as well as prebuilt and customizable models.

Model SVF13N17PXS belongs to the class of 13" laptops. It's a prebuilt system that has an Aluminum Silver color scheme. If silver isn't your thing, you can also find the system in Aluminum Black with the model SVF13N17PXB.

This machine has been configured with some pretty good performance specifications. Inside you'll find a 4th gen Intel Core i7-4500U (1.80GHz / 3.00GHz) processor. Know that whenever you see a variant of the Core i7 processor, which means it's high-end performance. Windows 8 Pro is loaded at the factory onto this model. The laptop features a Full HD display (1920 x 1080), which is now standard with all basic Sony VAIO laptops. Memory is fixed at 8GB and storage is facilitated with a 256GB SSD. Graphics is handled by an Intel HD Graphics 4400, which is an integrated solution.

Convertible laptop designs have evolved over these past couple of years. We've seen some good designs and some bad designs. Sony's VAIO Flip PCs can be described as belonging to the grouping that does better. Check out a the new Sony VAIO SVF13N17PXS and see what it can do for you.

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